Welcome to The Crazy Game of Poker.

Our focus is on the enhancement of the skills-sets for poker players; Regardless as to what level of the crazy game of poker
a player is currently playing at.

The Crazy Game of Poker is fascinating, filled with a rich history, variations on the core game and of course, a thrill that no other card game matches.

Whether you’re new to the game, or interested in the deeper mechanics of a game that has you hooked, (OUR SITE) is here to support you in understanding the rules, regulations and finer points of play, to take you from an average player to a PRO in no time.

With information on Texas Hold-em, Five card draw, Highball, Lowball (both Kansas City and California), H.O.R.S.E, tournament tips, tricks and information on how best to play the odds and more.

We’ve got articles on the psychology and mathematics of the game, and information that will support you in choosing your ideal playing style, without cramping your own flair for the game.

Book reviews, site reviews, and more will put you in the best position to further your learning, and our tournament overviews and content discussing playing for money, as a pro or as a hobby, should put you ahead of your competitors and give you another winning edge.

You don’t have to be a genius or have an innate talent to play this game – the beauty of the game is you can learn to play in a few afternoons, and can do so online for free, before entering games for cash – or you can simply play for free and never wager, the choice is yours.

You are free to indulge in the rich traditions that this wonderful game has to offer, or to win a (virtual) fortune at tables, online and offline.

To start with, why not read our breakdown of Robert Ciaffone’s rules for poker games, or dive right in at the section that interests you most.

Whatever you choose to do, remember to have fun, gamble responsibly and win big wherever you can!

Please enjoy The Crazy Game of Poker.

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Welcome to The Crazy Game of Poker... this fascinating game is filled with a rich history, variations on the core game and of course, a thrill that no other card game matches.
Rules for Poker Games
Robert Ciaffone, or, ‘The Coach’ adapted the various sets of rules for poker games that he encountered, into an easily understood, manageable document for private and game club use.
Poker Variations
There are dozens of poker variations based on the general theme of poker, each using the same core rules. Some will have very subtle differences to the original and some with vast differences...
Psychology of Poker
The 'Psychology of Poker' - It’s said that everyone has tells in poker. There’s always something that will give someone away when playing, whether it’s a twitch, putting their cards down fast...
Mathematics of Poker
The mathematics of poker relates to being able to calculate the odd’s of either you or your opponent winning the hand that is in play in any situation...
Winning Poker Hands
Winning Poker hands...Without fully understanding how winning poker hands work, it’s very hard for any players to consistently pull off wining at any poker game. While relatively straight forward at
Playing Online Poker
Most people start play online poker with a dream of hitting the big bucks. The reality is that very few people actually make any money from poker. When the money doesn’t come the excuses are...
Playing in a Poker Tournament.
To play in a Poker Tournament is exciting, this is where players compete until the last player is left standing and a Tournament can consist of as few players as two or as many as tens of thousands...
Poker Links
Useful Poker Links...Here I have composed and intended to build a series of useful Poker links to some of the best poker sites and related poker industry sites I feel are of interest. If you come...
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